Inland Wetlands & Watercourses

About the Agency

The Inland Wetlands Agency was established as a separate agency of the Town of Coventry pursuant to an enabling ordinance adopted on July 6, 1993. Learn more about the application process.

The regulations adopted by the Inland Wetlands Agency are in accordance with its enabling ordinance and with the provisions of the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act of the State of Connecticut, Conn. Gen. Stat. Sections 22a-36 through 22a-45, inclusive. These regulations may be amended from time to time in accordance with Section 15 and applicable provisions of state law.


The agency shall issue, or issue with terms, conditions, limitations or modifications, or deny permits for all regulated activities in the Town of Coventry in accordance with these regulations. The agency shall enforce these regulations in accordance with their terms and with all other applicable provisions of law.


Types of Wetland Permits:

Minimal Impact Activity

Considerations when determining whether a proposed regulated activity qualifies for a Minimal Impact Activity Permit:

  • Accessory structures requiring minimal clearing / grading up to 25 feet from wetlands /watercourses
  • Corrective maintenance action for stormwater conveyance systems and erosion problems up to wetlands / watercourses edge
  • Grading / clearing (foundations, driveways, and utilities) up to 50 feet from wetlands / watercourses
  • Minor clearing and grading (landscaping) up to 25 feet from wetlands / watercourses
  • Other activities as determined by the agency
  • Septic system repairs, to be determined by the sanitarian

Regulated Activity

Considerations when determining whether the proposed activity qualifies for a Regulated Activity Application:

  • Any activity within 150 feet of Coventry Lake, Skungamaug, Willimantic, and Hop rivers
  • Any activity within a buffer setback that does not qualify for an Upland Activity Permit
  • Any activity within a designated wetlands or watercourses (except exempt activities)
  • Any commercial industrial activity
  • Any proposal for subdivision with wetlands on parcel (may be exempted by agency after review)


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