Absentee Ballot Information


Absentee Ballots are available to all electors who are unable to appear in person for the following reasons:

  • Active service in the U.S Armed Forces
  • Absence from town of residence during all hours of voting
  • Sickness
  • Religious tenets that forbid secular activity on the day of the primary, election, or referendum
  • Duties as a primary, election, or referendum official at a polling place other than one's own during all hours of voting
  • Physical disability

Please use the white Drop box in the back of the Town Hall for both applications and completed ballots.

Absentee Ballot Applications can be found here or applied for online with the Secretary of the State's Office here.

Submitting Your Application

Secretary of State's websiteThe completed and signed application may be emailed or faxed to the Town Clerk's Office to faster processing. Remember, the original signed application must still be sent in the mail and received by the day of the vote or your ballot will not be counted.

Applying for Permanent Absentee Ballots

Pursuant to Public Act 12-57, individuals with permanent disabilities may apply for permanent absentee balloting status (PDF). This enables the elector to receive an absentee ballot for each election, primary and referendum in the municipality.

To be eligible, an elector must file an absentee ballot application together with a doctor's certificate stating that they have a permanent disability and are unable to appear in person at their polling place. An ED-3, "Application for Absentee Ballot" and ED-3R, "Application for Absentee Ballot for Referendum Authorized To Be Held With Less Than 3 Weeks Notice (PDF)" will be necessary if the elector wishes to vote at Budget Referendums and Adjourned Special Town Meetings not held in conjunction with an election.

The ballot for referenda held with less than three weeks notice cannot be mailed. You must pick up in person or indicate a designee on your application to pick it up at the Town Clerk's Office for you.

File the completed documentation with the town clerk. Once received, absentee ballots will be sent out to the elector throughout the year for each event for which they would be eligible to vote.


The elector will receive an annual notice to determine if the elector continues to reside at the address on their permanent absentee ballot application. Failure to return the notice within 30 days may result in removal of the permanent absentee ballot status.