Call Before You Dig (CBYD)

Emergency calls occur when the standard 48 hour notice cannot be given for reasons provided in the CBYD Excavators’ Manual. It is the responsibility of the person digging to contact the individual utilities in the area. A CBYD request must still be made by calling 800-922-4455 and they will give you a list of utilities to contact. By state regulation it is the responsibility of the caller to notify the individual utilities directly.

CBYD has the Town of Coventry listed as COVWAT (short for Coventry Water Pollution Control Authority).

During normal work hours (7 a.m. - 3p.m., Monday - Friday) please call Public Works at 860-742-6588 and the appropriate personnel will be notified. Outside of normal hours please call Coventry Police Dispatch at 860-742-7331.

Right of Way (ROW) Enhancements / Changes

Enhancements to your property along the roadside need to be placed far enough back from the road to insure that they will not become a sight-line obstruction for your driveway, your neighbor’s, an intersection, or traffic control devise. Please remember the town does have a right of way extending from five to 25 feet beyond the road edge on all town roads. Trees should not be planted within this zone. This area must also be kept clear of fixed obstructions such as fences or stone walls.

Please call the Public Works Department to obtain this setback measurement for your particular road before doing landscaping or major plantings in this area.