LGBTQ+ Moveable Senior Center

The Senior Center is participating in the statewide LGBTQ+ Moveable Senior Center Initiative. This opportunity provides Senior Center personnel with LGBTQ+ inclusivity training, peer collaboration, and programming support to foster an LGBTQ+ inclusive Senior Center environment and improve access, engagement, and connection of LGBTQ+ community members to Senior Center resources.

Goals of the LGBTQ+ Moveable Senior Center are to:

Bring inclusivity training and practice to Connecticut Senior Centers.

Introduce the services and supports for healthy aging available through Senior Centers to LGBTQ+ older adults – a community that is sometimes reluctant to engage with social service providers.

Provide a cohesive and coordinated statewide calendar of LGBTQ+ Moveable Senior Center events and programs to the community.

For more information about the LGBTQ+ Moveable Senior Center:

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