Cold Weather & Your Pets

The winter season is upon us now and pet owners need to supervise their pets if they go outdoors. Particular care should be taken if a pet goes out during dusk or dawn hours. With the frozen conditions affecting the ground, natural food sources become less available to wildlife. Coyotes will take full advantage of an unsupervised dog or cat outdoors, especially during these colder months when food is more difficult to get. Cats should be brought inside at dusk and smaller dogs should be supervised at all times. Generally, coyotes will frighten off if you make a loud presentation. If aggression is still observed by a coyote or other wildlife, contact the Coventry Police and/or Community Service Officer for assistance. 

Secure garbage cans or receptacles, discard any pet food and remove bird seed from feeders to help reduce the chances of enticing wildlife to your yard. Motion sensing lighting are also an effective means to discourage visiting wildlife. If property owners have fruit trees in their yard, remove fallen fruit from the ground as well. *More ideas and techniques to thwart wildlife are available at the D.E.E.P. website: