Land Records

Online Database for Land Records

Land record indexes are available back to 1712 using both our Search and Infodex tab and images are available back to Volume 58.

No password required. They can be found online at the following link: Land Records

Recording Fees for Land Records (PDF)


  • A $2 local conveyance fee is due for all real estate transfers when any consideration was paid
  • For conveyances of real property or permanent easements, you must submit a completed (original) State of Connecticut Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return (M-45). The state will not accept copies. This form must be accompanied by:
    • A check for local conveyance taxes, made payable to the Town of Coventry. The local conveyance rate is .0025 pursuant to CGS 12-494(a) as amended
    • A separate check for state conveyance taxes, made payable to the Commissioner of Revenue Services for any conveyance of $2,000 or more. Tax calculation instructions are given on Form M-45 and are specific to the type of transaction
  • For conveyances that are statutorily exempt or that are for no consideration, Form M-45 must still be completed and submitted, indicating reason for exemption. Exemption codes are given on reverse side of Form M-45
  • Additional conveyance Information is available at the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services website.