Inspections for the Town of Coventry

General Inspections:

Please call the Land Use Department (860-742-4064 or -4062) to schedule directly with office staff. Emailed or requests through the online permitting portal for inspections will not be scheduled.  Inspections need to be scheduled by directly calling the office.  If you receive voicemail, please leave your name, phone number, address where the inspection is needed, and a brief description of type of inspection being requested. We require a minimum of 24-48 business hours for inspection requests.  

Permits need to be fully paid and issued in order to schedule inspections (this includes mechanical permitting required in relation to a building permit project). 

Please note that closing out permitting that had multiple department sign offs for review and approvals, will need to have the other departments sign off on their final inspections before the Building Official can be scheduled to inspect and do the final close out of the permitting.     

Final CO Inspections for New Homes

Per Departmental Protocol, please call the Land Use Department (860-742-4064 or -4062) at least one week prior to needing the Building Official out to the site. This is to allow the other departments time to review and inspect final requirements for the new home location.  The Building Official can only be scheduled once all the proper criteria has been received by the various departments and inspections and sign offs by those departments have been given.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you are submitting the requested information and keeping track of requests via the comments of the online permitting portal and phone requests in a timely manner.  Failure to do so may result in delay of your approvals and the ability to send out the Building Official for his final inspection and sign off. 

If bond money is required to obtain a sign off, the amount needs to come into the Land Use Department in the form of cash or a Bank Cashier’s Check made payable to the Town of Coventry.     

Checklist All Departments

EHHD, Glenn Bagdoian (860-742-4064):

  • Staking Verification Memo 
  • Sieve Analysis 
  • SEPTIC As Built
  • Well Completion Report
  • Water Test (Basic & Arsenic)

WPCA, Mike Ruef (860-742-4064):

  • Sewer is connected and sewer as built is on file with the town
  • For Bidwell Village: $6500 sewer connection fee paid to the town for each unit

Town Engineer, Todd Penney (860-742-4078):

  • Paved apron (in lieu of, $1500 Bank Check made out to the Town of Coventry)
  • Any drainage stipulations

Wetlands (860-742-4062):

  • Site grading, erosion controls, check for scour
  • Any stipulations sited in a wetlands permit approval
  • Rain garden (if applicable)

Zoning (860-742-4062):

Building (860-742-4064):

Other Notes:

The Building Official requires physical inspections of the project process and does not accept pictures (except for full pictures of the taping of roof seams, which is required of any strip and reroof project. These pictures can be emailed to ). 

The following information must be provided in order to schedule the inspection in a timely manner:

  • Property owner
  • Street name and number
  • Type of inspection
  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Permit number
  • CRS # (if applicable)
  • Desired day and time of day (a.m. or p.m., we will try our best to accommodate your request)

We respectfully ask that you do not request inspection from the inspector either on job sites while doing inspections or on their personal time. Please call ahead to request an inspection.

Minimum Required Inspections

(In order of inspection)

  • Preliminary and/or Excavation: After excavation is complete and soil erosion controls are in place or before starting renovations.
  • Footings and Piers: Prior to placement of concrete footings, piers, and before concrete slabs.
  • Waterproofing / Foundation Coating: When completed and before starting footing drains so that we can inspect the joint between footing and walls, a common place for water leaks.
  • Footing Drains: When pipe and stone are in place and membrane covering is on or at site to be put on.
  • Electric Service: When CRS worksheet is submitted to the office. Including trench work when conduits are in place with 12 inches of clean back fill and warning tape is in place, leave conduit joints exposed for inspection.
  • Framing Inspection: When framing is complete and before roof and wall sheathing is covered. All fire blocking is to be in place.
  • Roofing Inspection: At time of installation of finish roof covering. 15 pound felt required under shingles.
  • Plumbing Rough-In: When rough work is completed and pipes are fire stopped at each floor level, air or water tests shall be on. Plumbing under slabs to be inspected before covering.
  • HVAC Rough-In: When rough work is completed, all duct work for system shall have fire stopping at each floor level.
  • Electric Rough-in: When all rough wiring is completed and boxes are made up with fire stopping at each floor level.
  • Fireplace and Masonry Chimneys: When steel is in place for hearths and before concrete is placed, also at least once during chimney and flue work.
  • Insulation Inspection: After all insulation is in place and before covering with drywall.
  • Fuel Tanks and Lines (Including LP Gas): At time of tank installation and when air test is on all lines.
  • Final Inspections: Requests for final inspections need to be made in advance to allow time for a review of all paperwork. We respectfully ask that you give us five working business days notice for the request of a Final Certificate of Occupancy Inspection for new dwellings. When calling to request a final inspection that involves a multi-department review, the Building Department administrative assistant will send out an email to the appropriate departments alerting them of your request. You may be contacted by the Town Engineer, Wetlands Officer, Zoning, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Health and Fire Marshal Departments for additional information required for final approval, so be sure to give your full contact information. These reviews may need up to a week or more to get all the required information in for you to obtain your Certificate of Occupancy.