Apply for a Permit

Town of Coventry Building Department

1712 Main Street, Coventry, CT 06238


How to Obtain a Permit: You can obtain a Building, Electrical, Gas, Mechanical, or Plumbing permits all online through the Building Department area and Zoning Permits for Zoning Only, Home Occupation, and Driveways, along with ZBA and Wetland Agent/Agency approvals through the Zoning Area! Since December 2020, we have joined the various surrounding towns to work with OpenGov for online permitting (these permits are only issued online now). As with the other towns that utilize this permitting system, once you have gone in and created a user name and password, it can be used for all towns that participate with this online permitting system, including the EHHD. 

Applying Online 

Town of Coventry Permitting:


Documentation that may be required:

Please provide PDF attachments of the documentation requested...

  • We require contractor's to provide us with Proof of Worker's Compensation Insurance in the form of a Certificate of Insurance from their insurance carrier, where the Certificate Holder is made out to the Town of Coventry, 1712 Main Street, Coventry, CT 06238 OR provide us with a filled out and scanned worker's compensation waiver form.(select the 7A or 7B waiver that apples to your situation)
  • We require contractor's to provide us with a copy of their Contractor's License
  • Letter of Authorization if an agent or homeowner is taking out the permit on behalf of a contactor (also a copy of insurance and license (see above)).
  • Plot Plans (showing tp scale the proposed activity in relation to property lines, setbacks, septic location/sewer lines, and well location/water lines) &/or Building Plans. For projects that require a plot plan and/or building plans (or some type of plan submittal); PDFs will need to be uploaded and a set of hard copy plans will need to be submitted to the office for review.  If we need to make these copies, a copy fee of $0.50 per page up to 11x17 and/or $7.00 per page for anything larger than 11x17 (whichever is deemed necessary for legibility) will be added to your permitting fees.
  • Factory Cut Sheets/Specifications for any mechanicals being installed or replaced
  • Heat Loss/Gain Calculations, Load Calcs, Beam Calcs, Truss Reports, Brace Wall Calculations that may apply to your specific project 
  • Lot Coverage Calculator to create PDF
  • Assessor Card/Summary Card