Dispatch Center

Emergency Calls & Units

The Coventry Police Department dispatches police units to calls for service received through 911 or the main department number. 911 calls are answered at TN Regional Dispatch in Tolland. Fire and ambulance units are dispatched from there. 911 calls for police service are transferred to Coventry Police Dispatch.


We have three full-time dispatchers and several part-time dispatchers. Our dispatch personnel are trained professionals and will attempt to assist you with your requests. In addition to police duties, the dispatch center receives other calls for town services after normal business hours. These requests are routed to the appropriate agencies.

Our trained and skilled dispatchers use a variety of means to communicate with the patrol officers on duty. In addition to dispatching police officers to incidents, they monitor fire and ambulance services and can communicate with the state police and surrounding jurisdictions.

Dispatchers are trained to get as much information from you as possible and may ask you a variety of questions to enable them to transmit the proper information to patrol officers.

They can also help you with a problem or question or refer you to the proper agency to assist you.

Special Needs

If you have any special needs such as a medical condition or disability that you would like the 911 operator to know about in the event of an emergency, please fill out the Special Needs Form (PDF) and mail it in.