Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates

Marriage Licenses

If your wedding will take place in Coventry, you may obtain a marriage license from the Town Clerk's Office.

Things to Know

  • The application process will take some time to complete, please plan to arrive no later than 30 minutes before the office closes;
  • Download the Marriage Worksheet below;
  • Both parties must appear together, in person, to make application. Drivers license or other valid photo identification is required;
  • Know which state each of you was born in;
  • Know each of your mothers’ full maiden names;
  • Know where each of your respective parents were born (state or foreign country) ;
  • Know your social security numbers;
  • Provide the date the ceremony will be performed;
  • Provide the name of the person officiating and their address and phone number;
  • Keep in mind that the marriage license is good for only 65 days from the time of issuance. Therefore it is best to apply no sooner than one to two weeks prior to your wedding day. This will allow time to reschedule in the event of an emergency;
  • Bring cash or check in the amount of $50 (as of 7/1/18) (No bills greater than $20).

Obtaining a Copy

  • Call ahead to confirm that we have your license on file in this office at 860-742-7966
  • You will need to fill out a request for a copy of your license and you will need to present a photo ID. You may download the request form below
  • There is a $20 fee for a certified copy of your marriage license effective October 1, 2009


Justice of the Peace

Do you need the services of a Justice of the Peace?

View a complete Justice of the Peace List (PDF) of names and phones numbers for the justices.

Birth & Death Certificates-Obtaining copies

In order to protect confidential information, there are a number of state regulations pertaining to who may obtain death and birth certificates.

By law, the town clerk can only issue certified copies of vital records.

  • Legal fee for a full certified copy is $20.

Request Forms