Patrol and Traffic Safety

Keeping Coventry Safe

Patrol is what most people connect with policing. Marked cars and officers in uniform are the basis of most police operations. The first responsibility of every police department is to respond to emergency calls for service.

Enforcement of traffic laws and traffic safety initiatives are also a major part of what we do. Officers regularly use radar to enforce speeding violations and deploy our speed detection trailer at various locations throughout town. Enforcement of the use of cellphones and other handheld devices is also a priority. The fines for these violations are high, but the consequences are more severe. Studies have shown that using a cellphone or texting while driving may be as dangerous a practice as driving while under the influence. We recommend you turn off you cellphone when getting in your vehicle or put in in an inaccessible place in order to avoid the impulse to answer a call or text.

We have a zero tolerance policy for driving while under the influence and use both directed patrols and spot checks to detect and deter violators.


Officers conduct programs at Coventry High School to educate young drivers about safe driving habits. Seatbelts are a very important safety tool in every vehicle and we take enforcement seriously. Officers also are alert for cellphone violations.

Our approach to traffic enforcement is to seek voluntary compliance of traffic regulations through education and enforcement. We generally do not use unmarked vehicles in traffic enforcement as marked vehicles are a visual deterrent to poor driving habits as well as a reminder to other drivers when someone is stopped by a marked cruiser.

Additional Information

Feel free to contact us if you or your organization would like traffic safety educational materials. We have information suitable for both children and adults. Check out our quick links to the right of this page for more information on traffic safety.

Here are some age-appropriate bicycle safety videos from the Federal Highway Administration to share with your children. View Video