Personal Property




All persons liable to pay a tax to the Town of Coventry for the October 1, 2023 grand list are hereby notified to file with the Assessor on or before Wednesday November 1, 2023, a written or printed list signed and sworn to of all personal property owned by them, pursuant to sections 12-40 and 12-42 of the Connecticut State Statutes.  Personal property includes commercial furniture and fixtures, machinery, unregistered motor vehicles and trailers, snowmobiles, tractors livestock, etc.

 Those failing to file a list will be charged a penalty of twenty-five percent addition according to law. No one will be required to declare real estate or registered motor vehicles.  Declaration forms may be obtained from the links below or from the Assessor's Office.  All who are physically unable to appear are requested to notify us.


Filing a Declaration

Declarations may be received from the Assessor's Office after October 1. The deadline for filing the 2023 personal property declarations is Wednesday, November 1, 2023. Those who must a file a declaration are those with a business or home occupation, those with heavy equipment, unregistered motor vehicles, horses, farm equipment, etc. Manufacturing equipment is also available for exemption.  Declarations can be mailed in to the following address; Attn Assessor's Office, 1712 Main Street, Coventry CT 06238, or faxed to (860)-742-8911.  If you cannot mail or fax, we will except an emailed signed and if necessary notarized declaration.  They can be emailed to . Remember if you have a farm exemption form M-28, or a manufacturing exemption form, the declaration must be notarized.  Failure to do so will mean a forfeiture of that exemption for that Grand List year.


Need Help?

If you are unsure about whether or not you should be filing a declaration or need help completing your declaration, please contact us by calling 860-742-4067.