Motor Vehicles

Important Information Regarding your 2018 Grand List Motor Vehicle Bills

How We Value Motor Vehicles

The motor vehicle pricing schedule is established by the State of Connecticut - Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management. The following guides are used Connecticut State Statutes Section 12-71D (use the average retail value):

  • N.A.D.A. Motorcycle / Snowmobile / ATV / Personal Watercraft Appraisal Guide
  • N.A.D.A. Official Older Used Car Guide
  • N.A.D.A. Official Used Car Guide (Eastern Edition)
  • N.A.D.A. Recreational Vehicle Appraisal Guide

Regular Motor Vehicle List

  • All motor vehicles registered on or before October 1st result in an assessment and tax bill the following July.
  • Assessment is for ownership from October 1 through September 30 of the following year.
  • If a marker plate is transferred to a new vehicle no pro ration is given. Full credit of the old vehicle will be given on the new vehicle on the supplemental bill in the following January. Please see supplemental motor vehicle list for further details.
  • No longer own a vehicle? Assessment may be prorated with proper documentation, which must include: a plate receipt from the Department of Motor Vehicles; this link will lake you to the online cancelation of your Connecticut Registration You will also need proof of disposition of the vehicle  (i.e. copy of the bill of sale, transfer of title, receipt from junkyard, letter of donation, letter from insurance company showing vehicle a total loss, or a copy of trade-in papers from dealership). Remember, there is a statute of limitations to claim this tax credit. Contact the Assessor's Office at (860)742-4067 for more details.
  • Vehicles registered out of state may be prorated by sending a copy of the out-of-state registration clearly showing date of registration and identification of vehicle, along with a copy of an out of state drivers license and the plate cancelation receipt from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.  

Supplemental Motor Vehicle List

  • If a marker plate was transferred to a new vehicle from an old vehicle, credit will be given on the new vehicle and further adjusted by the number of months of ownership.
  • Supplemental bill is an assessment for the portion of the year that the vehicle is owned.
  • Supplemental motor vehicle list includes vehicles registered between October 2 through July 31st.

Active Military

A one car exemption is allowed for active military. To receive the exemption you must file this application Active Duty Exemption Form along with your Active Duty Identification card before December 31st of the year the tax is due.  Failure to do so will result in the loss of the benefit for that year. Applications are available at the above link or in the Assessor's Office.

Specially Equipped Motor Vehicle Exemption

  • Applicant must be the owner of the vehicle.
  • Application must be completed and filed annually with the assessor before December 31. Failure to file by this date will forfeit the exemption for that year.
  • Application must show vehicle is adapted to allow use by the owner to operate the vehicle that otherwise the owner would not be physically capable of operating such vehicle.  For new vehicles the office will require a physical inspection of the vehicle along with the proper paperwork.
  • Ambulatory Vehicle Application

Trucks for Hire

This exemption is for new tractor trailer truckers, for hire only. The owner must apply with the assessor by November 1. Click below for the application and guidelines.

Truck for Hire Application