Traffic Enforcement Request

The ultimate goals of traffic law enforcement are to reduce accidents and seek voluntary compliance with vehicle and traffic laws. The Coventry Police Department subscribes to the concept of selective traffic law enforcement. Selective traffic law enforcement is the assignment of personnel and other resources to traffic enforcement activities at times and locations where hazardous or congested conditions exist. Further, enforcement efforts shall be directed toward the types of violations which have been identified as causative factors in accidents. Such selective enforcement assignments are made based upon such factors as:

-Traffic volume
-Accident experience
-Frequency and/or seriousness of traffic violations
-Emergency and service needs

Supervisors will determine appropriate times and places to conduct selective enforcement efforts after reviewing the traffic data for a particular area and in consultation with other supervisors, and a review of complaints received from the community regarding traffic related issues as part of the community relations function. If you would like to request traffic enforcement in a specific area, please complete the form below.

Traffic Law Enforcement Request Form (Electronic Submission)