Transfer Station

Facility Uses

The facility is not intended for commercial uses although small repair / remodeling contractors doing work for Coventry residents may be allowed limited use to dispose of materials incidental to their work within the limits of the Town of Coventry. Proof of residency and building permits, as applicable, will be checked as part of normal facility operations to insure the facility waste stream remains residential in nature.

Fee Schedule

The Transfer station accepts cash, checks and now also accepts credit cards.

Acceptable Materials

Materials acceptable with cost (see fee schedule above):

  • Construction and demolition debris. Free of cardboard, metal, and garbage
  • Land clearing debris; stumps and brush
  • Bulk items such as furniture
  • Appliances with refrigerant, no weigh-in necessary *PLEASE REMOVE DOORS FROM REFRIGERATORS*
  • Tires, automobile size, on or off rim 
  • Gas grill propane tanks for recycling
  • "extra" garbage bags that wouldn't fit in your tipper cart

Materials acceptable no cost:

  • Appliances and scrap metal materials (metal tanks must be cut open and crushed)
  • Electronics, including televisions, fluorescent lamps (bulbs)
  • Textiles (clean, dry clothing & linens - must be in bags)
  • Mattress / boxspring (mangled or wet additional fee)
  • Single stream recycling (bottles, cans, paper, cardboard, etc.)
  • Paint
  • Leaves for composting

Unacceptable Materials

Materials not accepted:

  • Grass clippings
  • Hazardous waste