Tax Collector

We encourage you to pay online at the town's website via bank account (echeck), debit, or credit card -  (go to "Find your bill").  You may also leave your payment in the drop box outside the back door of town hall in the glass vestibule. 


Tax Department

The Collector of Revenue is primarily responsible for the billing and collecting of real estate, motor vehicle, supplemental and personal property tax, COVRRA (trash) fee, sewer assessment and sewer use charges.

Online Payments

Payments for Town of Coventry tax bills, COVRRA bills, and sewer use and assessment bills may be made online. These payments can be made directly from your bank account, or by credit or debit card (fees apply).  Please go to the Quick Link "Find your bill" and then select from the drop-down under Payment Information/Method: credit card, debit card or electronic check.  Fees are 2.75% for credit card (minimum $2.00), flat $3.95 for debit card (Visa/MC) and $0.95 for electronic check.  Please read the information details & Terms and Conditions before agreeing to the payment.  Call the tax office if you need assistance at 860-742-4066.

Online Payments through your Bank/Financial Institution: 

Your payment may not be mailed when you expect it to be & these payments come to us without a postmark.  Please allow ample time for mail delivery to avoid interest charges.  Payments received from online banking accounts will be posted as of the date the check is received, regardless of the date of the check, in accordance with CT State Statute 12-146.  All electronic checks must be mailed directly to the tax office at 1712 Main St., Coventry CT 06238.  Please read the instructions and warnings provided by your own bank before using any ’pay by phone’ or electronic bill payment service.  Many service providers specifically advise NOT to use the service for tax payments.

Payments In Person - Office Location:
Coventry Town Hall, Collector of Revenue, 1712 Main St, Coventry CT 06238. Avoid long lines: Drop Box located inside Town Hall rear entrance.

Mailing Address For Payments:
Collector of Revenue, Town of Coventry, 1712 Main St, Coventry CT 06238

DMV Clearance

Cash or money order if immediate DMV Clearance is needed.

Online payments made through will take 3 business days to clear after we receive and process the payment.

Payments made with a check will take 10 business days for DMV clearance.

Please call us at 860-742-4066 to ensure timely release at DMV. 

Immediate DMV Clearance is a convenience and the tax office usually is able to provide this service.  THERE MAY OCCASIONALLY BE TIMES THIS SERVICE IS UNAVAILABLE.

Income Tax Information

FOR 2023: Tax payment history

Can be found under Quick Links, Find your bill. Search under last name, and click on magnifying glass icon to get bill details, including payment history.

Payment Calendar

  • JANUARY-Real Estate 2nd installment (we do not rebill for January installment), Supplemental Motor Vehicle tax (if applicable)
  • MAY-Sewer Assessment 1st installment
  • JULY-Real Estate 1st installment, Motor Vehicle & Personal Property tax, and COVRRA (trash) annual installment
  • SEPTEMBER-Sewer User fee annual installment
  • NOVEMBER-Sewer Assessment 2nd installment