Project Safe Return

The Coventry Police Department and the Coventry School District work together to facilitate PROJECT SAFE RETURN. The mission of this project is to ensure the quick and safe return of persons who have wandered away from home and family.

As a police department, we know that there are members of our community who have special needs. With those needs comes the possibility that police intervention may be needed to quickly locate a lost or missing person. As police officers in Coventry, it is our desire to have a positive outcome with those persons we interact with.

Our goal is to have as much information in advance about your family member as we can, along with a picture, to enable us to ensure a quick and safe return of your family member. The information you provide will help us locate your family member quickly. It can also enable us to have a more positive interaction with the person. Knowing things like nicknames, sights, or sounds that may excite or frighten the person can be very valuable. Having this information will save time in the event that your family member goes missing. Historically, it takes several valuable minutes to obtain all the pertinent information from a distraught parent or family member at the time of an emergency. PROJECT SAFE RETURN reduces the time to gather this information because we will already have it on record.

We hope that you will get involved with PROJECT SAFE RETURN and that it will bring you some small peace of mind in your very complicated and stressful world. 

Please complete the information on the form located at the link below. You can submit the form electronically through our webpage OR you can print it off, complete it, and drop it off in person at the Police Department at your convenience. If you have any further questions, please contact Detective Carpenter at 860-742-7331 or

Print and Complete Manually:

Project Safe Return Form (PDF)

Complete and Send Electronically:

Project Safe Return (Online Submission Form)

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