Aquatic Plants

Lakes require aquatic plant life to maintain a healthy ecosystem. The plants that are native or natural to a lake aid in maintaining the correct ecosystem. Plants that are not native to a body of water are considered invasive. Invasive plants have a tendency to build colonies and spread rapidly. The addition of an invasive plant can cause an imbalance in the ecosystem of the lake and cause water quality and recreational problems.


The referenced survey and map on invasive plants for Coventry Lake can be found at CAES

Coventry Lake Map (PDF).


Those who enjoy using Coventry Lake can help keep it healthy by remembering the rule: No hitchhikers.

DEEP Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Brochure (PDF)

CIPWG Control Information

New Aquatic Plant Identified - July 2014 Article by Debby Zeppa - Chair

A Non-invasive Aquatic Plant is now calling Coventry Lake home.