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Watershed Health Pledge

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  2. I care about protecting the quality of water in our watersheds. I know that clean rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, wetlands, and aquifers are necessary for health, recreation, and the survival of all creatures.
  3. I pledge to be Watershed Smart! I commit to taking as many of the following steps to protect our local water resources. I understand that by taking these steps it will not only protect the watershed, but will also save me time and money.
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  5. In maintaining my lawn, gardens, and landscape, I pledge to… *
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  6. In maintaining other areas around my home, I pledge to…*
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  7. If you would like to receive a window cling car decal proclaiming that you took the Watershed Health Pledge, please include your mailing address below.
  8. Co-Sponsored by: Town of Coventry Conservation Commission and the Coventry Lake Advisory & Monitoring Committee.
  9. Adopted by the Coventry Town Council: February 6, 2021.
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