Historic Coventry Village

Coventry Village History:

Mill Brook has been a main focus of Coventry Village’s development since the first settlers built their homes near the Village Green on Lake Street in 1712. During the 19th century it became the centerpiece of one of the most vital small mill districts in New England, boasting 17 water power privileges along its 2.5 mile course. By the mid-20th century, most of the mills no longer survived, but the fabric of the Village has remained intact.

Coventry Village Today:

Coventry Village today is an area of impressive architectural and natural beauty, retaining, to a high degree, the significant cultural assets associated with it 18th and 19th century life as an industrial mill village. The mill ponds, stone dams and mill remains offer physical evidence of the area’s once vital economic base. The old homes and buildings lining Main Street and side roads help preserve the ambience of the community’s past, and their high architectural quality suggests the Village’s prominence and prosperity.

(Excerpts from ‘Coventry Village Preservation Plan’, 1990)

Village Streetscape


The Coventry Village Partners are a collaborative of stakeholders committed to the vitality of Coventry Village. We welcome all interested individuals and entities to participate in efforts to enhance the civic, social, cultural and economic value of Coventry Village and the greater community.

OUR VISION: The Coventry Village Partners vision is to help create a unique and vital Coventry Village that enriches the business community, embraces history, celebrates the arts, preserves our natural environment, supports recreational opportunities, and promotes quality events to instill a sense of place in our community.

CURRENT MEMBERS INCLUDE: Many Coventry Village Businesses and Services, Coventry Arts Guild, Coventry Land Use, Coventry Parks & Recreation, Booth & Dimock Memorial Library and Tolland Chamber of Commerce, Coventry Farmer’s Market, United Bank Foundation to name a few.

CT MAIN STREET CENTER MEMBER: 2018 saw the acceptance of the Coventry Village Partners into the CT Main Street Program - a downtown revitalization entity that provides resources, education & networking.